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Dear Friend,

We’re a family too, you see, so we understand how important peaceful cleaning and happy home making is. We don’t want you to have the bother and worry of toxic cleaning products. No fretting about nasty residues left behind. No itchy rashes from laundry detergent. No looking silly and undignified as you try to hold your nose while you clean. Our bottles are full of sweet plant ingredients that bring sparkly freshness and cleanliness to every item your baby wears, and every corner of the nursery. We are every bit as green as one would expect. Much, much more, in fact!

The man in the top left photo is Van Vlahakis. He began this family company in his garage, 40 short years ago. On the far right is his son John, who took Van’s plant-wizardry and was the wind behind the rise of Earth Friendly Products. In the center is Van’s daughter Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks who made sure that buildings, partnerships and processes were (so to speak) a sustainable and quite lovely shade of green. She is, after all, a mom! So please, join us for a Grand Explore! We’ve put all this together because we know how important your family and your home really are.